Ted Bundy

It all began in 1989. I was a “tween” before the phrase was coined. The evening news was broadcasting a tailgating atmosphere outside the execution of Ted Bundy. Bystanders held signs and cheered waiting for the moment to arrive.

Of course I had no idea of the atrocities he had committed. I was just upset by the behavior of the crowd. It was shameful, I thought. That’s when my mom decided it would be a good idea to let me in on the story of Ted Bundy.

A few years later she gave me a copy of Ann Rule’s popular book, “Stranger Beside Me”. Needless to say, I read that book within the next 24 hours. For a week I was terrified to even walk to the bathroom at night. I lay awake just replaying the scenes in my head. What had happened to Ted Bundy that created the monster he became? Was he just born evil or were there circumstances that set him on his destructive path? More importantly, how could I stop this from happening again ?

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